US Attorney Brendan Johnson and Publisher of the Argus-Leader Bill Albrecht will be with us for Viewpoint University today(election day Tuesday) on 1140 KSOO.

Attorney Johnson will give us an update on the human trafficking issue in South Dakota. We will also ask for information on the investigation into the actions involving the creation of the beef plant in Aberdeen.

Bill Albrecht is the new publisher of the Argus-Leader. He arrived just as the paper was rolling out their new newspaper. Not sure he can take credit for it, but we will talk with him about what is and is not working for him.

AARP is having a "Money Matters" meeting at Active Generations on Thursday. We will discuss what it is about and who is invited.

After VPU, we will bring you election results, starting about 7:30 pm

You can listen to Viewpoint University on this webpage and on your radio 1140 KSOO.