Even the most geekiest gadget gurus go through the same thing I do.

Password fatigue.

Spending most of the day on the computer working with different programs and websites has become common in our lives.  And it can be really hard to remember those usernames and passwords.  Especially when you have to use alpha and numeric characters together.

Thomas Way, a computer science professor at Villanova University, calls it the "tyranny of the password."

To get around it, some people use programs that generate and recall passwords to various accounts for them. We're also starting to see more "biometric" solutions - such as the thumbprint needed to get into the new iPhones or face recognition technology that's on the horizon.

In the meantime, some security experts say good passwords don't have to be something you'll easily forget. They suggest, for instance, typing in a sentence you can remember, including spaces and punctuation.

So where do you keep your secret list?

Source:  AP

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