Everything is right with the world (or wrong if you choose to look at it that way).  The Minnesota Twins just might be all right.  

If the Twins were to have any chance to have a winning record this season, Dan Peters boldly said the ballclub would have to win 3 of their last 4 games to give themselves a reasonable chance.

The scenario played out as predicted thus stringing along the die-hard fans at least until late September.  Granted 4 games in mid-July would not make or break a season, but DP gets a victory lap to celebrate on VPU.

No victory lap allowed in the election game because that race isn’t over until November.  Lori Stacey is the Constitutional Party nomination for SD Secretary of State and will state her case on VPU. She has some ideas in expanding ballot access for independent candidates and others.

Also to come is Kermit Staggers of the Sioux Falls City Council who is just getting done going through the Mayor’s Capital Improvement Proposal.  We shall learn what meets the approval of the Councilman today with Dan Peters and Todd Epp on Viewpoint University.