I rarely buy more than one beer at a sporting event or concert for one simple reason: I don't like getting ripped off. The amount of beer you get in a plastic cup for $5 or more would probably cost you less than $1 if you bought a 12-pack and drank it at home.

Fans of the Idaho Steelheads hockey team say they are getting ripped off by more than just overpriced beer at Century Link Arena in Boise. They're getting charged $7 for brew in a tall skinny cup that holds approximately the same amount as the $4 shorter and wider cup. Now they are suing over it.

Some fans posted a video on Youtube displaying that the two cups hold virtually the same amount of beer.

Watching the video you can see that the "tall" does hold slightly more than the "regular" sized cup. But not much. Century Link Arena management has announced that they are replacing the 20 ounce tall cups with a 24 ounce cup.

Does a change in cup size really make a difference? Yes, and it's still a bad deal. The 20 ounce cup would cost you 20 cents per ounce. In the new larger cup it would cost 29 cents per ounce.

If you want to make sure you don't get ripped off, do what I do and don't buy beer at games.