The renovation of the State Theatre, in downtown Sioux Falls, received a major boost today when the Sylvia Henkin Clan, including the Gene McGowan branch, gave $500,000. to the effort.

With this gift and recent money raised, the project needs only $500,000 more. State Theatre supporters plan to be watching movies in the renovated facility in June of 2013.

At the Thursday morning media event, Sylvia Henkin said, "Sioux Falls welcomed me with open arms many years ago. It's a city that respects hard work and rewards optimism. I have so many fantastic memories of this building and I know many of you do as well."

Gene McGowan, Sylvia's son-in-law, spoke at the event also. "As a business person, I pride myself on taking an objective view of a future business and it's prospects for success.....The State Theatre has a realistic and sound business plan that's been developed by theatre consultants and a respected CPA firm. In short, it's an economic development home run."

Fund raising efforts will continue until the final half million dollar goal is completed.

The Theatre will be named to honor Sylvia Henkin and her tireless efforts and enthusiasm for our community.

For information on the project and how to contribute: