Ahh, the open Prairie! How vast! How beautiful! How to landscape your piece of it ???

If your dream of owning an acreage has come true, and you want to create your perfect landscape, these suggestions may help.

First, remember that you're in the country. This means that you'll be sharing your space with all sorts of wildlife. You are in their habitat and adding a stone border to your perennial garden does not signal a "do not enter" to deer. They will always see that garden as a salad bar. Doing a little research to finds plants that deer do not prefer can help. Bugbane, coreopsis, lung wort, and purple sage are just a few.


Next, how much lawn do you really need? The turf surrounding your home can gradually transition into a grassy pasture. I think buffalo grass is the perfect answer. It is drought tolerant and will grow to 4 to 6 inches, without the need for constant mowing.

And lastly, curves are good! Straight lines in an acreage don't look natural. A curvaceous border can front an already existing windbreak, bringing interest into the yard. Your border can be planted with fruiting shrubs that will offer both shelter and food for birds. Serviceberry, viburnum, chokecherry, and stag horn sumac would be great additions.

Making your acreage both beautiful and manageable will take time, so don't forget to add some seating to watch the progress.

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Broadcast Saturday, April 19, 2014