Along with back to school supplies, is this just another sign that summer is closer to being over?  The Heartland Country Corn Maze is open and waiting for families with another challenging maze...made in the maize.

Southeast of Harrisburg, South Dakota, the Heartland Country Corn Maze is an 11 acre, life-size maze, that challenges everyone to find their way through a design that is created in the cornstalks.

Past maze designs include swans, a T-Rex, a pheasant, a buffalo and a horse.  But now visitors are invited to pick up their Maze Map and list of questions and maneuver through the new 2014 design of a mama bear and her cubs. Find the answers to the questions at the ten checkpoints located in the bear maze, along with the hidden checkpoint, and get a free treat from the concession barn.

Bring a flashlight for Flashlight Nights: a unique way to wind through the maze using the moon and your flashlight.  Use that same flashlight for the Haunted Maze on Halloween (Friday, October 31st) and Saturday, November 1st.

Admission is $7 for adults, kids ages five to 10 are just $5, or get a group of your friends together and take advantage of a group rate.  (Reservations are required for groups.)

The 2014 Heartland Country Corn Maze season is open!  Days and times for the Maze vary.  Sneak a peak at the new 2014 mama bear and cubs maze before you take the challenge.