I sometimes wonder if the world has gone mad.  The Lord must be looking down on us right now and just shaking his head.

There were two stories in particular this morning that caught my attention:

The first one happened in Sarasota, Florida where a homeless man was recently thrown in jail because - he was charging his cell phone in a public park.  The arresting officer accused him of "theft of city utilities."

Thankfully, the next morning the judge threw the case out saying it was a waste of his and the court's time.  (I sure hope that officer is also reprimanded somehow.)

The other story came out of Los Angeles where the city council there has voted unanimously to adopt a resolution urging people to not eat meat on Mondays.  It doesn't make it illegal, it's just gonna be "frowned upon."

"Meat Free Mondays" - is that really the biggest issue facing the city of Los Angeles?  Apparently all the crime, homelessness and drug activity there has been resolved.

I can tell you one thing, the next time I have to visit Los Angeles, I'm gonna make sure I have a Monday layover so I can go out and order the biggest, baddest hamburger I can find.

And then I'm gonna stand up and proclaim to everyone that, "I'm from the Midwest and in the Midwest we eat meat on Mondays!!!"

"Frowned upon" - You go right ahead.