Turning older is what people do.  However, marking the day that you were born is a special gift to many folks.  Some will cling to a certain number for years even though the actual number is higher.  Others can’t wait to mark those milestones.

As far as November 25 goes, the date is shared by few others I know along with myself.  In my humble hometown of Wagner, there were two babies born on that day in 1970.  I got there first before sun-up with another boy Chris arriving in the afternoon if memory serves.

A few years earlier, another boy Craig was born at the same hospital on November 25.  Plus there was a cousin of mine, Wayne born on the 25th even more years ago.  I’m not exactly sure if the other guys are all aware of the bond we share.  Plus Eleanor McGovern, Joe Dimaggio and Ricardo Montalban were all born on this day, too.  Sound of mind, not so fleet of foot and blessed beyond my understanding for being where and who I am.