Years again, when I was hosting the Children's Miracle Network Telethon, we used to travel to Disneyland in California each year to attend classes and tape our promos.


One year we happened to have a free day so the group I was with decided to head to Rodeo Drive to brush elbows with the rich and famous.  While we were standing there looking at all the big buildings (something we don't have to many of in South Dakota), a limo pulled up and parked in front of this real swanky jewelry store.


We weren't quick enough to see who got out, but we figured it must have been someone really important because the limo driver was standing at the door asking folks to come back later; meaning the person inside had the place to themselves.  We found out later the doors were actually locked.


Well, you know me - Mister Snoopy - I decide I was gonna walk up to that limo driver and find out who was inside.  Everyone in the group tried to talk me out of it, but I was bound and determined to find out who it was.


The next thing I know I'm standing in front of this really big limo driver.  He looks at me and says, 'May I help you?' I then proceed to tell him that I'm from South Dakota and have never been to Rodeo Drive before and was wondering who was inside shopping for jewelry.  That's when he steps towards me (which at the time scared the 'bajebers' out of me) and says, 'You're kidding; I'm from South Dakota!'  Come to find out he went to school in Mobridge with a good college friend of mine.  Small world huh?


I'll bet we stood there visiting for 20 minutes before someone in my group decided they had better check on me to make sure I wasn't being brainwashed into joining some sort of California cult.  Who would have ever thought, in a city the size of Los Angeles, I would run into someone from South Dakota.  He even gave me his business card in case I'm ever back in the 'big city.'  What he was offering, I have no idea, but I graciously accepted his card and went on my way.


Oh, by the way, I should probably finish my story - it wasn't Amy Madigan in the store but her mother.  Apparently, she was there to get some jewelry because she was attending an awards show with her daughter that night.  So, I ALMOST got to meet Amy Madigan.  And that's my story.