Yes!  The Christmas Decorations are out! Halloween just ended, but that’s not stopping department stores from getting their Christmas decorations out and on the shelves.

For many consumers, waiting until after Thanksgiving to see Christmas trees out has been standard practice for years, but some stores in Sioux Falls started earlier than anyone.  K-Mart on West 12th Street has an entire west wing dedicated to Christmas decorations.

"We put our Christmas decorations out about 6 weeks ago. I decorated the Christmas trees myself.” Human Resource Director, Cindy Schriever said.

Lewis Drug, World Market, and Big Lots were among some of the many stores preparing for the holiday season, but some stores such as Walgreens, are still holding out.

" We don't put ours out till after Halloween", but they have the top shelves ready to go!” Store Manager of Walgreens on West 12th, John Haffeman said.

Most of the stores, such as Big Lots, have multiple aisles of Christmas decorations and wrapping materials along with artificial Christmas trees in stock.

World market has a large Christmas section in the middle of their store with a lot of gifts and table décor.

For some consumers, the earlier you see Christmas decorations, the better, but for
many shoppers getting through one holiday at a time is all they can handle.

Barbara Fritz, of Sioux Falls, didn’t seem excited with the Christmas pictures I had posted on Facebook. “Already? I am still looking for Halloween lights!”

So, if you are ready to jump start your holiday decorating, the stores are now stocked.

What do you think? Is it too early for Christmas decorations?

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