Recently the Sioux Falls School District announced that it will close three smaller and older elementary schools.  It will then build a large centrally located school to replace the older structures.  The Sioux Falls School Board and the district’s administration approved the plan for closure.

Residents who currently send their students to the Longfellow, Mark Twain and Jefferson elementary schools want to stop the plan.  They have some grass roots support and these folks are called Save Our Sioux Falls Schools.  Listen to Matt Gage and David Andersen who are "unofficial co-chairs" of the group on Viewpoint University talk about their aims.

Dave Andersen Talks About Losing Mark Twain Elementary

Matt Gage Explains What The Goals Are For The Group

Their main objective is to make sure that before a whole bunch of money is spent on site preparation or an architect's design, more conversation takes place.  At this time the group is considering a petition drive option along with fielding school board candidates sympathetic to their needs.