It dawned on me the other day that May 5 was the 40th anniversary of my college graduation.

As you may know, I'm a proud Jackrabbit through and through, so commencement was in Frost Arena on the SDSU campus--the very first commencement in what was then a new building.

Some parts of the day I remember vividly. It was a Saturday, and Governor Dick Kneip was the featured speaker, and he committed news that day, speaking publicly for the first time about the Wounded Knee degree.

One of the other things I remember was the madhouse backstage afterward, as graduating seniors crowded up to tables to return caps and gowns. Everyone wanted to get their name checked off the list so as to not be charged for a cap and gown that went unreturned.

But it was all over. I had my degree (BS in Speech) and I went out into the world.

And with the exception of one month in the summer of 1976, I've been earning a paycheck in broadcasting ever since.