Gov. Christie Bridge Scandal
One day after his top aides were implicated in a political revenge plot, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie fired his deputy chief of staff.  He then apologized for his aide's part in the closing of several lanes on the George Washington Bridge last year.

Crossing the Border
A Mexican town where human smuggling is the principal business, and would-be immigrants pay inflated prices for supplies they hope will help them across the border.

Faking Death
Aubrey Lee Price took drastic measures to escape his life and start over.  The businessman faked his own death, leaving behind a trail of victims from whom he stole millions.  ABC's Dan Harris reports he's not the first person to try this.

Bollywood to Hollywood
A young woman trying to make it in Hollywood.  She already has a lot going for her: beauty, talent, brains, and the fact that she's already very famous ... on the other side of the world.

Broadcast Friday, January 10, 2014