Starting Friday, South Dakota residents can begin making trips to their favorite fireworks stands.  The sale of fireworks to South Dakota residents is legal beginning Friday, June 27th, 2014.

South Dakota state law allows the purchase and discharge of fireworks from June 27th through the Sunday after July 4th.   That translates to South Dakota residents being able to discharge fireworks until Sunday, July 6th.

Fire Marshall Paul Merriman reminds residents to use safety when celebrating the 4th of July holiday.

Common sense goes a long way toward making the 4th of July celebration a safe one.

Merriman also recommends following the directions on the products purchased, don't use fireworks in places where a fire could easily start and always keep a source of water close in case of fire.

Recent statistics from the National Fire Protection Association show that fireworks caused about 17,800 fires (including 1,200 structure fires), with damages from fires started by fireworks estimated at $32 million.  There has also been several deaths and many injuries.

Another word of advice from Merriman is that those interested in using fireworks check with their local city ordinances and regulations, because some cities may have stricter fireworks limits than the state law.