A Georgia woman has been arrested and charged with prostitution in Sioux Falls.

"Street Crimes Officers found an ad on the internet," Police Spokesman Sam Clemens told us. "They got in touch with this woman and then met at an apartment complex in the southwest part of Sioux Falls. They found the woman and arrested her for prostitution. At this point, officers don't believe anybody else was involved but it's something they look at in all these prostitution crimes."

Clemens says prostitution is a concern for the police department.

"It's something we know that's out there. Obviously the goal is to find those that are forced into this crime. That's one of the things they look for---try to find those women. We know that prostitution happens, We are trying to do our part to make that those don't want to be involved are not."

Clemens says 27-year-old Michelle Carmona of McDonough, Georges faces the misdemeanor prostitution charge.

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