Since the beginning of time, any time something new comes around, there are people who are going to try to jump in with get-rich-quick ideas.

With Colorado and Washington leading the way as the first states to legalize marijuana (I'll wait to discuss why all the states should follow suit until a later date) several new businesses have been popping up in those states by eager 'ganja-preneurs':

Bed-and-Breakfasts … on Weed – In Denver, you can visit a bed and breakfast called Get High Hideaways. The owner is charging $200 a night for a room and plenty of room to light up.

Fine Dining … on Weed – Instead of pairing food with wine or beer, some chefs are pairing their menu items with strains of marijuana, while others are infusing their food with THC.

Weed Tours – Guided marijuana tours are now available in Colorado and Washington that point out interesting stuff about the local pot economy, such as pot dispensaries, glass-blowing artisans, and smoke rooms.

What other ideas can you think of? Pot theme parks (that Cheech and Chong Fun House would be a trip!). Gondola rides over marijuana fields? There almost HAS to be a music fest with performances by members of the Grateful Dead, Bob Marley's family and others with stands that you can get a weed smoothie and a bud on a stick, right?

If they keep this up in Colorado, the 'shine' is going to be off getting people to come to South Dakota to see Cosmos and the Corn Palace.

One thing is for sure, the nation is watching the millions of dollars in tax revenue that Colorado is collecting (and putting back into education in the state). I think you're going to see a LOT more states following suit within the next couple of years if not sooner.