Shortly after 2pm the studio line started ringing with a report of a funnel cloud spotted by a listener near Hartford. The next two hours were a wild weather ride across the Sioux Falls area as high winds, heavy rain, and large hail pummeled the area. In addition several funnel clouds were spotted.

Photo sent in to KIKN from Roger Behrens

The above photo was taken near Hartford. Another funnel was spotted about a half hour later at I-229 and Louise Avenue (which is where the B102.7 studios are located!) and another was spotted on the ground just outside Canton, touching down on Highway 11 by a friend who was driving a delivery truck and said it was the first time he'd ever had to write 'tornado' in his drivers log to explain a 28 minute break between Canton and Fairview!

The heavy rain and hail were evident across the city as a number of pictures were posted to our Facebook page. The one that really caught people's attention came from Brienne Maner taken downtown which looks like a monsoon hitting!

Photo Courtesy of Brienne Maner

And there were plenty of people who suffered a lot of hail damage to their cars and gardens. I saw a few friends posting about having some windows busted out and some siding beat up pretty good as well. My wife's cousin lives in Sioux Falls and reported six inches of rain in his gauge in about 20 minutes. We saw plenty of street flooding around the area and reports of up to egg sized hail in town, but fortunately no major damage like what happened down in Omaha and that area the other night.

Summer's just starting. Today was a reminder to always pay attention to the weather and listen to the radio in case another storm like today blows up!

This 'Ghostbusters' looking photo was shot downtown at the Holiday Inn City Center and posted on our Facebook page by Kevin Lopez. "I am Gozer The Gozerian!"

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Lopez
Photo Courtesy of Donna Taylor

Brenda Heggen took this shot near Canton. It was captioned "The Mothership is landing"

Photo Courtesy of Brenda Heggen

It looks like Melanie Bender has quite a crop of ice growing in her garden.

Photo Courtesy of Melanie Bender
Photo Courtesy of Cynthia Jordahl

Cynthia Jordahl showed us the hail stacking up at Augustana College in Sioux Falls

Photo Courtesy of Cynthia Jordahl

Carl Holloman wanted to show his west coast friends the type of 'hard rain' we get here in Sioux Falls

Photo Courtesy of Carl Holloman

Let's just hope for no severe weather again anytime soon

Photo Courtesy of Chrissy Meyer
Photo Courtesy of Rachel Garcia Echeverria
Photo Courtesy of Kyle Swartz
Photo Courtesy of Melissa Tripp