I had a chance to create some wonderful memories this past weekend (that's why I wasn't on the air this past Friday).  It was our annual "Golf Guys Getaway Weekend."  For the past few years we've made the trek up to Northern Minnesota where one of the guys has a cabin on Eagle Lake.  We've also gone to various resorts and casinos, but the lake seems to be the favorite.  Before I go any further, I need to thank ALL THE WIVES who gave us permission to get away and act like kids.  We golfed for three days, ate way too much red meat, smoked way to many cigars, drank way to many adult beverages and told way to many stories.  But it's something we all needed and, I like to think, deserved.  My point to all this is if you have a group of close friends, first of all consider yourself lucky and don't ever take that friendship for granted.  Friends are something we can never put a price on.  It's also something that needs to be fed from time-to-time...such as getting away for a long weekend.  My advice to you is if you're a spouse and reading this, the next time your husband or wife mentions getting away with friends...encourage it.  There's a line in the movie "The Bucket List" that goes something like, "He left a stranger, but came back a husband."  In other words, it's good for the soul.  So to my friends who spent the past few days with me, thank you for the memories and the friendship.  It's something I truly needed.