Sioux Falls police say four women have been arrested on prostitution charges.

"The United States Attorneys' office has a human trafficking task force. Our Street Crimes Unit is a part of that. Last week, there was a nationwide effort to try to find both juveniles and women that have been human trafficked and involved in this against their will. We were able to take part of this sting last Thursday," explained Sioux Falls Police Information Officer Sam Clemens. "The good news is we did not find anybody that was being trafficked against their will. We did however make four arrests of women involved in prostitution."

Clemens says the message is getting out: Sioux Falls will not tolerate human trafficking.

"We are taking human trafficking serious and are looking to get victims out and help them in anyway we can. I think maybe the people that are controlling these women know that and are avoiding Sioux Falls."

Two of the women arrested are from Sioux Falls. The two others are from Bismarck and St. Paul.

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