In the only gathering of all four Secretary of State candidates on the election ballot in South Dakota, each stated their case to the voters for an election bid.  

The forum featured Democrat Angelia Schultz, Lori Stacey of the Constitutional Party, Republican Shantel Krebs and Libertarian Emmett Reistroffer.

South Dakota’s Secretary of State is charged with administering elections in the state.

When asked about how to increase registration and participation, opinions ranged from restoring integrity to the office, the use of computers for the processes , civics programs in schools and legislative updates to election codes.

Showing identification in order to vote is a touchy subject.  Is it an invasion of privacy?  Do we need more verification measures?  Should we factor cost?  Our candidates discuss their views. 

Using technology is one means to increase voter participation.  The prospect of using "Vote Centers" with electronic poll books is one suggestion.  Should this be mandatory in South Dakota?  The local officials at the county level should decide is the general response, but there have been some instances of success with this method.  However, care should be taken to provide rural areas with improved access to voting.  Voting centers could be a key to making progress in less populated areas. 

This election cycle has been an active one in South Dakota to say the least.  The candidates now are asked about changes to the process to become a candidate as some say the process is a burden to those outside the major parties. 

The Secretary of State also oversees business filings within the state's borders.  Among possible changes suggested by the panel include:  more interactivity between the office and potential businesses, building case law to entice business to set up shop, moving all economic development out of the executive branch and making the process as easy as possible.

What can be done to increase business opportunity on South Dakota's reservations?  Routinely, some of these areas show up in the bottom 10 of poorest counties in the United States.  The South Dakota Legislature could take role, a tribal liaison could be added to the office, there could be a focus on education or an intense effort to listen to those in the Reservation community on what they need. 

Finally the forum's closing remarks.  The order of speakers in this segment are Shantel Krebs, then Lori Stacey, Angelia Schultz and Emmett Reistroffer. 

Many thanks to the candidates for participating in this forum.  The election is November 4.