A collision at Cook Road and Cliff Avenue early Sunday morning sent both drivers to the hospital and one of the vehicles in flames.

The drivers have not been identified, but police now say the 30-year old woman driving southbound and collided with the vehicle turning in front of her had been drinking and traveling about 70 miles an hour.

Sioux Falls Police tell us that two Ford Explorers were traveling in opposite directions on Cliff Avenue about 1:30 Sunday morning. The northbound car was turning on to Cook Road, while the southbound vehicle was traveling at a high speed and broad-sided the turning vehicle, pushing it into a power pole where both the vehicle and pole caught fire.

The driver of the vehicle on fire was able to get away from the fire with 'minor' burns, while the driver of the other vehicle had to be helped out quickly as it was close to the fire. The second driver was also taken to the hospital with a broken pelvis, femur and ankle.

Both drivers are expected to recover from their injuries. The victim has been treated and released. The suspect has not been charged yet, but could be charged with vehicular battery, DUI, speeding, reckless driving and other charges upon her release from the hospital, according to Sioux Falls Police.

Police and fire crews closed Cliff Avenue from 33rd to 36th until about 5:30 Sunday morning as they put out the fires and cleaned up the scene.