One of the best ways to get out and see our beautiful country is to go on a great American road trip - and that's exactly what the Martin family from West Palm Beach, Florida embarked on in a very big way.

They wanted to see the country so much they sold their home and all their belongings and purchased an RV so they could visit all 50 states in just a year.

Parents Heidi and Randy Martin took sabbaticals from their jobs, and 13-year-old Kristi and 11-year-old Kyle took online classes at their school.

The trip began in Delaware, and the family drove to all the lower 48 states before taking a boat to Alaska and a plane to Hawaii. The Martins stopped at every state capitol and many historic sites.

They took 13 months to complete the trek, and Randy thinks it was definitely worth it.

"It really was the trip of a lifetime. We didn't want our kids to learn about America through textbooks. We wanted them to experience it."

The Martins stuck to a strict travel schedule, and in the end they traveled about 67,000 miles and spent about $260 per day.

The family is now back in Florida living in a rental home.

If you want to check out their adventures, here is a link to their website.