I've written before about how I notice gasoline prices as I drive down any street.

I just do. It's a habit with me.

But one day this week my car was under half-full, so I stopped where the price was $3.05, and I gave myself a mental pat on the back for finding a bargain among bargains, as prices have been trending down.

Then the next day I passed the same station and saw $2.99.

Now, we've been in situations where prices have been rising, and at a more rapid pace. You know, when you gas up today because the pump price might be even higher tomorrow.

This time, it's almost where you hold off on buying gas in the hope it will be cheaper tomorrow.

By the way, AAA's Fuel Gauge Report shows a statewide average at $3.231 for the mid-level regular, down a penny in 24 hours, but less than 3 cents a gallon below the average of a year ago.

In Sioux Falls, the mid-level price is $3.106, more than 7 cents above the year-ago price.

So a bargain, or what seems like a bargain, is all relative.

And regardless of what happens, I'll still keep my eyes on the price.

And I'll remember how in 1966 in Wisconsin or Michigan, my dad passed up a gas station where they were getting 36 cents a gallon because we had passed one earlier where the price was 34 cents. Yup, we went back to the earlier one and filled up.