A few rain showers just before dusk Thursday evening had a lot of Sioux Falls residents reaching for their cameras and cell phones to snap a picture of the full, double rainbow that filled the sky.

I admit it, I missed it while working and having dinner with my wife, but once I got online, it seemed like it was the only thing people wanted to talk about. So I gathered some of the dozens of cool shots and posted them here for you to enjoy too.

Abby Bischoff/Facebook
Amy Sumner/Facebook
April Mentele/Facebook
Bekah Hauert/Facebook
Brad Peterson/Facebook
Cindy Cooper/Facebook
Dan Thorson/Facebook
Danell Knudtson/Facebook
Eli Stokkan/Facebook
Kevin Van Hill/Facebook
Lex Linton/Facebook

Lex titled hers "Rainbow In The Dark" m/m/

Kristin Dorris/Facebook
Melissa Johnson/Facebook
Micky Kahler/Facebook

Micky titled hers "Under The Dome"

Mike McCann/Facebook
Phil Schreck/Facebook
Scott Huber/Facebook
Sheri Olson/Facebook
Vinnie Olson/Facebook