Amazing. Electronic devices bring us information from all directions and on many "platforms."  You would think the availability of all this knowledge would make us smarter, more aware, more connected, and maybe help us develop some commonsense.

The Sioux Falls City Council adopted a ban on texting while driving. It becomes law in Sioux Falls on September 28th.  Distracted driving is a major cause of accidents. In today's world,  hand held devices are the latest problem. We know it is not safe and yet many  continue on their merry and dangerous way, talking, texting, playing games, or using the GPS, while operating a nearly 3000 lb piece of heavy equipment(our vehicle).

Two of my friends, both very intelligent and insightful humans, stated in separate conversations, they needed the law to prevent them from doing what they know is not safe.

Our society complains about over government regulation and intrusion into our lives. Yet we seem to be unable to self-regulate and therefore have no self control.