In response to those that believe South Dakota has nothing to offer fans and teams that may be coming to our great state to attend the Division I Women’s Basketball Regional tournament this year, those of us from the Mount Rushmore state say that's not true! From border to border to border to border, South Dakota is full of activities for families, couples or those that are single and all visitors have to do is ask a resident.

But to set the record straight, South Dakotans are aware that there are certain stereotypes about the residents of the state and the state itself that do exist. Some of those stereotypes come from history, but many of those stereotypes are also fiction.

With help from, here are at least seven stereotypes about South Dakota that need to be shared with the incoming news and sports media, fans and teams - and more importantly, put to rest!

Source: OnlyInYourState

  • 1

    People in South Dakota drive tractors everywhere.

    With a law that was passed so kids could help their families on the farm, South Dakotans can get their driver's permit at the age of 14. But just because we can drive those tractors at such an early age, DOES NOT mean that a tractor is our only form of transportation. And while we are on the topic, neither are horses and covered wagons.

  • 2

    No one has electricity.

    We may not be up-to-date on all the New York City or Paris fashions, but we do have electricity. And, (hold your horses!) the INTERNET!

  • 3

    Everyone lives on a farm.

    Farming is just one of the things South Dakota is known for, and yes, a portion of the state's population do live on farms. But when the city that is going to host a Division I Women’s Basketball Regional this year - Sioux Falls - has a population of over 170,000 residents, that is a lot of folks that don't have the words "Rural Route" in their address.

  • 4

    South Dakota is nothing but cornfields.

    Okay, yes, South Dakota has a lot of corn fields. But, along with those fields of corn, are soybean fields, sunflower fields, wheat fields, alfalfa fields, etc.

  • 5

    It's always FREEZING in South Dakota.

    South Dakotans freely admit that winter time in our great state can be a bit - harsh - but we wear our parkas and boots like badges of honor! Often times going days, maybe even weeks, where temperatures barely reach above zero, snow piles that sometimes don't even start to melt until May and that brutal winter wind causing wind chill factors to plummet way below zero. But South Dakota is the land of four seasons, and the spring, summer and autumn can be beautiful.

  • 6

    Everyone in South Dakota is a hunter.

    This stereotype is almost true, hunting is one thing that South Dakota is known for. And because of that, we welcome the out-of-state hunters into our homeland warmly when the seasons begin. Granted, not EVERY resident of South Dakota hunts, but I guarantee that everyone in South Dakota knows someone that hunts.

  • 7

    South Dakota has no history and culture!

    Not only is South Dakota rich in history, but the state also has culture! From Gutzon Borglum and his son, Lincoln Borglum, who carved probably our most well-known sculpture into the side of a mountain (Mount Rushmore - for those visiting from other states) to the beautiful Falls of Sioux Falls, South Dakota is a state full of history and an art community that is growing daily.