Could it happen? Come on man! 15 geese with just 3 shells? I've hung around people who hunt all my life, but this sounds like a 'tall tale to me.'

I got a quick text with the words attached 15 geese with just 3 shells.

I asked is that possible and he said, yep I got right up on 'em, waited for em to fly and I fired 3 times.  15 fell!

I've seen how thick they are. There are thousands. So I guess it could happen!

It's from John Stainbrook. John's from over in the Milltown, South Dakota area. If John says it happened, I tend to believe it. If you've been traveling South Dakota roads you know that there are a kahzillion snow geese migrating north. So many that 'if you have a license, you can take and posses as many as you can haul.

Twit Pic Courtesy of The Crush with Lee and Tiffany

Hunting snow geese is one of those, 'hey what do you want to do today' hunts. Earlier today I posted a story about Lee and Tiffany from The Crush who were in the area hunting snow geese. They did pretty good too!

How about you?  Been out after the snows?  Turkey hunting?  Keep us posted with your pictures.

Oh, Shout out to Herc in the back of the truck guarding the geese!   John said he worked fine too. Went out and brought them all to the pickup.

Yeah, and you thought you had a good morning the other day!

By the way, the Spring Goose Hunt runs through MAY 4th here in South Dakota. In case you wanted to fill up the back of your pickup truck! Thanks to Amanda for pointing out the correct date!  Heck, I have time to get out and get me some!

Pic by John Stainbrook/Pic of Herc with the geese!