So I get a call off-the-air the other day from a listener and she proceeds to tell me all about her new puppy (and you wonder what I do during the news).  She says to me, "It's a designer dog."  Really?  That's when I say to her, "You know what we called those on the farm don't you...a MUTT."  It's at that point in the conversation that she seems to take offense to something I said.  I tried to get out of her what she paid for her "designer dog" but she refused to say.  People, have we gone completely bonkers?  There are thousands of dogs and cats sitting in shelters all across this country just waiting for someone to adopt them.  Don't tell me you can't find a new 'faithful friend' at the Humane Society.  I would love to know who first came up with the idea of calling mutts "designer dogs."  If they're not currently working in marketing, they should be.  Over the years we've adopted three dogs from area shelters, and I'm convinced all of those dogs knew they were being rescued.  Two of them we still have, and one passed away.  All three were some of the BEST DOGS I've ever been around, including those I grew up with on the farm.  So folks, the next time you get a hankerin' to get a dog or cat, before running off to pay someone an exorbitant amount of money for a "designer breed," check out the Humane Society website (  I'll bet you'll find that perfect pet to adopt into your family.  Plus, you'll be saving a life!