The fist day of the 2013-2014 school year is just coming up fast! In Sioux Falls the first day of classes is August 19th.

Going from summer routines to school routines can be a rough transition. The Sioux Falls School District offers some tips on how to be ready for the first day.


If this is your student's first year in a new building, visit the school. Be sure to go to elementary orientations and meet the student's teachers.

Most high schools have a day before the school year begins during which students can get parking passes, activity passes, student photos, class schedules and other information.

Get In the Routine Now

This is always the hardest part of back to school at my house now, and was for me when I was a kid too. It's still going to be light out at 9pm but students need to get back into the habit of going to bed early enough to get their rest. Also, make your home ready for homework, make plans, find space and get supplies.

Find a Way There

I know that at my house the start of the school year means a change in the morning routine for everybody, not just the student. Plan now for how the kids are going to get to school and how that will effect the rest of the house.

Make Use of the School's Digital Stuff

In Sioux Falls there is Infinite Campus, Twitter and school district Apps that will keep you connected and informed.