I probably don’t need to tell you that inspiration can be hard to come by. And yet, it can, sometimes, be as simple as going out for coffee with a friend, which is exactly what I did yesterday.

Sherry Knutson and I got to know each other when she was teaching. For numerous years at just about this time, she would bring in a group of her students from her West Central media class; they would tour our building, ask questions, and maybe record a little something. They were always great fun and asked some good questions.

Sherry told me she was taking early retirement last year. I was sad for a couple of reasons; she was not just a teacher, she was a good one. A caring educator interested in her students’ advancement, and not just whether they would pass the next test. This also meant I wouldn’t see her other than the occasional Facebook howdy.

Courtesy of Sherry Knutson

So we indeed, were Facebooking last week and decided on a coffee date at Scooters in the Bridges. It was so good to see her; the coffee was great, the conversation sparkling and the revelations inspiring. Sherry has begun a new chapter in her life- - real estate. She is genuinely excited by the possibilities, the changes and the challenges ahead.

I’ve always known that second (and sometimes even third, fourth & fifth) chapters in life are not only possible, but for many of us, probable. But now, I’m not as terrified by it, because I’ve seen the courage, grace and peace of someone turning a new page.