All it took was one shot.  Place:  Dawson Creek Golf Course in Scotland, South Dakota.  Event:  Father-Son Tournament.  Hole Number 9 is a 290 yard par 4 uphill to an elevated green.  Pulling the driver out of the bag was nothing new, but when the club head met the ball the sensation was new.

It was as if a pulse of energy transferred from ball through the club causing a twinge in the forearms.  Final traces of the magic moment surged all the way to a clenching jaw as the shot settled mid-fairway approximately 250 yards from the box.  If on level ground, it’s possible the distance would measure 275 yards.  Let’s not get into fish stories.

Knowing the game that I play, this was a one-off performance.  Probability for duplication is somewhere in the vicinity of slim and none.  Phil Mickelson might have had that sensation long ago in his youth, but his ability to hit a golf ball has been groomed with a plethora of practice sessions.  No need for jealousy, for the burning desire to improve my skill has diminished to ashes.  It was nice, though for that instant.