(NPN) -- Ya sure, you betcha it’s cold out there today. But it has been colder in the Dakotas and Northern Plains.

While local TV weather forecasters have said today’s (Monday) and tomorrow’s (Tuesday’s) lows will be the coldest in nearly two decades, it can—and has—gotten colder in the Dakotas.

A lot colder.

The 10th coldest temperature ever recorded in the lower 48 states, according to Current Results, a news and science information site, is -58 degrees Fahrenheit in McIntosh, S.D. on Feb. 17, 1936. And that was before polar fleece and electric socks.

The 11th coldest temperature ever recorded in the contiguous United States was -57 degree Fahrenheit In Camp Crook, S.D. on Jan. 12, 1916.

In the Northern Plains, Rogers Pass, Mont. has the cold honor of having the coldest temperature ever noted in the lower 48 at -70 degree Fahrenheit on Jan. 20, 1954.
Of the six non-Alaska states to record temperatures of -60 or colder, four are in the Northern Plains—Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota and North Dakota.

More recently, Mitchell, S.D. fell to a balmy -50 degrees Fahrenheit on Jan. 25, 1955.
Nebraska and Iowa managed to miss the “Minus 50 Club,” only dropping to -47 Dec. 22, 1989 and Feb. 3, 1996 respectively.