It's cleanup time for streets and roads around Sioux Falls and elsewhere.

The South Dakota Department of Transportation says crews will get to work picking up litter and other items from the interstate right-of-way in Sioux Falls on April 14.

The DOT says the cleanup work will begin on Interstate 29, then move to Interstate 229, and finish with Interstate 90.

The work could take four to five weeks to complete, and if you are driving in any of these areas, the DOT asks that you caution and reduce speeds in the areas where crews are working.

In Sioux Falls, three Public Works Street Division crews re sweeping about 1,700 curb miles of city streets.

Each crew has a flusher truck to control the dust, two sweepers, and two dump trucks to haul away what the sweepers pick up.

The City also is asking motorists to use caution in or near sweeping work areas.

You can find out when the crews will be in your neighborhood on the city website at