Sioux Falls is a busy and growing community.  As the community grows, so do the needs of its citizens and changes need to be made to keep up with the pace of expansion.

One of the unsung portions of city government is the means of controlling what is built in certain sections.  Sioux Falls is seeing big numbers in building permits.  The result of all that new construction becomes a balancing act to make sure residential areas mesh well with available retail and commercial properties.

Understandably, there have been tweaks to the zoning rules in Sioux Falls since the last time major revisions were adopted in 1982.  Thirty years ago not many people if any envisioned Sioux Falls being the size it is today.  Thus the Planning and Building Department of Sioux Falls is undertaking the task of making revisions to the Zoning ordinance and you as a citizen has a voice in what the rules say.

Recently, Jeff Schmitt Chief Planning and Zoning Official with the city stopped by Viewpoint University to discuss the upcoming hearings on the changes.  Listen below to get a taste of what is to come.

You are also encouraged to attend the public forum that will also shape what the ordinances will be.  The Orpheum Theater on Wednesday November 14th at 4 p.m. will be the place to gather and if you have questions or concerns about zoning in Sioux Falls, let them be heard.  Get more info at