Now that the election is over with, the question remains, "Will government be able to get anything done?"

The other day on the air I had briefly mentioned a paper my daughter wrote in high school about how the political parties may have outlived their usefulness.  Her premise was, by candidates associating themselves with a party, they're automatically forced to chose a side.

That, in turn, prompted a listener to call up and take things in a completely different direction.  His idea is we instead vote for just the party.

The winning party would then be given one, two, however many years is decided upon, to run things on Capital Hill.  If voters don't like the direction the country is headed, we could then "change parties" during the next election.

The candidates would still compete in a primary, but whichever party won the general election, the corresponding candidate of choice would be the one sent to Washington D.C..

Interesting, huh?

The only problem I foresee (okay, maybe not the only problem) is will members of the "newly elected, incoming party" spend the majority of their time repealing the rules and regulations the "other party" just voted in?

I would love to hear your thoughts...