We all have our favorite movie stars. We choose them as favorites for various reasons.

The tough guy that you wish you were, the good looking ones that we drool over and the roles they portray are some of the categories.

But the ultimate actor is the one that can play the part in a way that makes it all real. It's like it's really happening. Now you've got a movie.

For me, Gene Hackman does it better than anyone. An example would be the movie BAT21, where he played out the true story of an Air Force officer that was shot down in Vietnam that was hiding out from the enemy. As you watched the movie, it was like it was really happening before your eyes.

It looks like we have a movie coming from another actor who's mastering the make it look real thing. This time it's Richard Gere.

Gere plays a homeless man in the film and apparently, his disguise is very convincing. A French tourist is making global headlines for giving Richard Gere some of her leftover pizza, mistaking him for a homeless man.

Karine Gombeau didn't realize that she had walked on the set of a new movie when she gave Gere the leftovers near Grand Central Station. Watch here: