South Dakota has some negatives.  Our state also has many positives. One of the biggest pluses is our right to initiate or refer laws for a public vote. We get frustrated with the people we send to city hall, the county commission, or the legislature and think we can do better.

November  6th, we get to be those elected people on three  issues.  A vote "yes" or "no" on  a proposal to raise the state sales tax by one penny. Proceeds to aid K-12 education and Medicaid funding. 

We have the chance to approve or disapprove two laws the legislature has passed. An education reform act, dealing with teacher scholarships, bonuses, a teacher and principal evaluation system, and elimination of teacher tenure.

Finally, a thumbs up or down on the establishment of the "Large Project Development Fund," using 22% of the contractor's excise tax to operate it.

Also on the ballot, four proposed changes to the State Constitution. Information on those issues in later columns.

The Secretary of State office in Pierre had created a "Voting Information Pamphlet," with information about the issues.

The web site is:     on the front page is a place to access the issues. It is worth you time to take a look.

With Congress at a 10% approval rating, a not very good economy, and general angst about the world, it is a good thing we give ourselves the right to determine more of our own destiny.   Hope enough of us take advantage of the opportunity.