I'm a lifetime lover of science. All the different scientific disciplines from physics to geology and meteorology are fascinating. The exploration of our world and adding to the accumulated knowledge of humanity is as interesting as it is important. Drilling down to the what and whys, without agenda, is the core of science and a reason I love it.

But, science can be huge, complicated and tedious and that can lead to confusion. I know for myself, if a subject is explained in a straightforward way, I can grasp the concept and understand the larger picture. A man that has a gift for this kind of discussion is astrophysicist Neal deGrass Tyson. He can communicate the big, dense ideas in science in a way that makes sense to me.

In this video from the TV show Cosmos, he explains the difference between weather and climate so that it clicked with me. Now, I know a video like this won't shut down loudmouth uncle Larry when he starts to repeat talking points at the next family gathering. But, at least you can have some understanding for yourself, which is why I want to share it with you.