When the going gets tough, the tough go bowling.  Not exactly a rally cry that will catch fire nationwide, but a concept that is bonds our family.

For the third year, the day after Christmas is not Boxing Day, it’s Bowling Day.  Roll a couple of lines at a local establishment with young and old together.  The prospect of crashing pins even as a diversion from work is a lot better than returning gifts.  The cacophonous setting though less crowded meets us just fine.  Besides it’s a great way to work off the waffles for breakfast.

The patriarch is the most avid bowler and a shoulder problem limits the second oldest.  A lefty and the occasional bowlers fill out the rest of the adult segment.  Of course the kids are all about using the bumpers.  Not that the adults would turn it down if given the chance.   Good way to spend some spare time, don’t you think?