Former Kurdish resident, Qadir Aware, will talk with us about the latest violence in his home territory today at 5:30 pm on Viewpoint University on1140 KSOO.

The unrest in Iraq continues with the melding of various violent sects into a group now labeled ISIS. A major city in the heart of Kurdistan, Iraq is being threatened. Qadir and Todd Epp, who spent 18 months in that city as an employee at the international airport will discuss the situation.

Mike Cooper from the Sioux Falls City planning office will talk to us about the developing NW part of our city. Walmart, a new fire station, and the new McGovern Middle School are being completed. What about streets, sewer, drainage? Is that part of the city ready to grow without major problems?  How does the new Shape Places Ordinance fit in? Mike will be on at 5pm.

This week-end is Riverfest on the Big Sioux in Downtown Sioux Falls. Maureen Ohm from Downtown Sioux Falls, will give us highlights.

Viewpoint Today at 4pm on this webpage and 1140 KSOO.