I saw a story this week about a church on the Alabama-Florida line that's holding Sunday services at a lounge, and I'm thinking this could be a new definition of "Happy Hour."

In fact, this not just a lounge. the story describes it as a "rowdy roadhouse that straddles the border on the beach."

They've been having these services for about a year, in an effort to bring church to the people.

The story didn't say anything about attendance or the type of service this United Methodist Church holds there. And it also didn't say anything about the singing, or what they sing for that matter.

I'm trying to think about what a lot of people I know would say about it, and it wouldn't be encouraging. But this is a resort area in another part of the country, and if they're reaching people, I guess I'd be for it.

After all, Jesus did mix with all kinds of people, not just those he had converted. And if tax collectors, who were not popular people, and persecutors of Christians could be won over, then nothing is impossible. Not even in the Flora-Bama Lounge, Package and Oyster Bar.