Some days I wonder what kind of world we live in.

True, there is a lot of good news to be found, but some days I check the news services and can only shake my head.

For example, just a sampling of a few stories on Wednesday--just one day this week, and only around 25 stories sampled from the Associated Press.

A man is in custody in Westminster, Colorado and will be charged with kidnapping and killing a ten-year-old girl and trying to abduct someone who was running in a park.

Authorities in Georgia were looking for a former employee at a megachurch where someone walked in just before a morning service, shot and killed a man who was leading the congregation in prayer.

A man from Algeria is sentenced in Seattle for a plan to set off a bomb at Los Angeles International Airport right around the time the year 2000 was coming around.

And a man in custody in California is accused of brutally killing his sister-in-law, her two-year-old son and three-year-old daughter. Law officers say there had been what they call "bad blood" between the man and his brother's family.

I don't have an explanation. I know this is a big country--a big world, really--and there are all kinds of people. And heaven knows we have some really bad things that happen right in our own communities. And be assured I'm not naive.

I just wish we knew why these things happen, and what could be done to stop them.

Maybe someday--we'll keep hoping.