And End to the Shutdown. . .After a 16-day government shutdown, with the country coming dangerously close to hitting the debt ceiling, Congressional leaders reached an agreement to fund the government through January 15th and extend the debt limit until February 7th.

Moving Forward. . .After signing the bill to keep the government open, President Obama addressed the nation Thursday, voicing frustration over the shutdown.

Sen. Ted Cruz. . .Texas Senator Ted Cruz was the most vocal proponent of tying government funding to President Obama's health care law, and although he may not have achieved his goal this time, he says he wouldn't rule out revisiting the issue in the coming months.

Doomsday Averted. . .They're called doomsday preppers-people preparing for a day when they believe life will not include comforts such as electricity, gas, grocery stores and even the U-S government-and they say the recent shutdown is just one sign of the impending disaster.

Ryan Ferguson. . .Ryan Ferguson is currently serving a 40-year sentence for murder.  When he was a 19-year-old college student, police followed him home from school asking questions about a two-year-old incident he said he knew nothing about.  Now, he's is opening up about his fight for freedom.

20 Years After Black Hawk Down. . .It's been twenty years since U-S Army Ranger Jeff Struecker led forces into Mogadishu on a failed rescue mission that inspired the movie "Black Hawk Down."   This year he returned to the site of the battle in Somalia and said the memories of the 17-hour-long firefight came rushing back.