There is a window of time in every baby's life where you can get them to laugh.  And I'm not talking about a giggle.  Giggles are great, but when they get into it so much that they almost turn hoarse it can be hysterical.

You put that together with a playful black lab that 'wants that baby to get up off his diaper wearing butt' and get out and play and it turns out even better.  I 'love' when the dog goes and gets the tennis ball.  Come on kid!  Grow up!  Let's roll now!

Sometimes you just click something that makes your belly feel good.  This is one of them!

Thanks to Thea Miller Ryan for sharing on Twitter.  Her Tweet read:

If you need a laugh today, share this one with me. This is my nephew's son, laughing at the dog. It's great.