Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack visits Sioux Falls to highlight efforts to raise a healthier generation of Americans. Vilsack will visit a Hy-Vee grocery store in Sioux Falls on Thursday.

The appearance will be to discuss USDA efforts to promote fruit and vegetable consumption, improve childhood nutrition and prevent obesity to raise a healthier generation of Americans. He will also announce the results of a pilot program aimed at increasing fruit and vegetable consumption in America’s poorest schools.

Secretary Vilsack will discuss USDA’s efforts to focus the national conversation on the importance of childhood nutrition, and the need for bold solutions to promote proper nutrition and increased physical activity for today’s youngest children.

He will highlight the complexity of the challenge we face today and efforts to ensure the availability, affordability and range of options that will help ensure our children get the right nutrition to grow up healthy and strong.

It's an honor to have The National Ag Secretary visit Sioux Falls. He will be at the store located on South Sycamore Avenue at 1:30PM.