I experienced something pretty cool the other day.  I found myself riding motorcycle in my old "stomping grounds" where I grew up.  I, first of all, need to explain that when I ride motorcycle, I usually have no idea where I'm headed or where I'll end up.  It's how I clear my mind.  Last Saturday, I had planned on riding with a friend down to Lake Okoboji for the "Victory Rally Days."  But because of the rain (much needed I might add) we ended up cancelling our plans.  I decided to head out by myself, later in the day, once the rain stopped.  Well, for some reason, I found myself in the Chester area.  What a treat to drive past the places I spent my childhood years.  I got to see the old church where I was baptized and confirmed (which now, by the way, is a house), the old school, the public beach where we teenagers would spend every Sunday afternoon, Hef's Rec where I was first introduced to pouring peanuts into my Coca-Cola.  Wow, the memories.  It's amazing how things change, but also stay the same.  I would suggest the next time you find yourself sitting around wondering what there is to do, you hop in the car (or on your motorcycle) and drive down your memory lane.  I quickly found myself remembering all these things I had experienced as a kid.  The memories just came flooding back.  Maybe it was pure coincidence, maybe it was "divine intervention" that I ended up there, I don't know, but it sure brought back the memories and it sure was fun.  And really, when it comes right down to it, that's all we have...the memories and experiences.  It doesn't matter how big of a house we live in or what kind of car we drive, those are just "things".  Hopefully, we'll all reach, as my Grandma used to say, "A ripe old age."  And when that time comes, all we'll have left are the memories.  So, go out and re-visit your "memory lane."