Needles sticking out of my body. Acupuncture. A Chinese method of healing. Over the years, I have read and talked about it. Today I had the experience.

Using a computer mouse several hours a day, motorcycle riding, and playing with buffalo had caused right shoulder muscles to tighten up to the point of more than moderate discomfort.  A friend suggested the needle thing and since I am an open minded guy, agreed.

After a consult with a chiropractor, the decision was made. There was no pain. I did feel them, a couple in my arm and shoulder felt like a bruise was being irritated, but the rest were not even a "pinch,"  just an awareness. Even though the problem is in the right shoulder, needles were inserted in both shoulders, arms, lower legs, one inbetween my eyes and two on the top of my skull!!!!. Next time I am going to get a picture for the 2012 Christmas Card.

I was "stuck" for 20 minutes. Only two points provided sensations. One in the troubled area, the other in my left calf. Have no idea why the leg needle was noticable. There was never any pain, just an awareness of something in my body at those two locations.

It has been an hour since the needles were removed. I feel fine. There is a tightness in the shoulder, but not nearly as bad as before. Instructions were to avoid cafeine for a few hours, and drink more water. She said I may sleep very well tonight. Next treatment is Friday morning.

Will point out my next experience to you.