We're learning more from Sioux Falls police about the incidents on Tuesday that left two people dead, and it's another domestic violence tragedy in the community.

Police say Tyrone Smith, 38, violated a protection order when he drove to a daycare, tied up the worker and took his two small children, one only a few months old, to their mother's place of employment, a Cost Cutters salon on West 41st Street.

The salon manager, 24-year-old Amanda Connors, saw him drive up and apparently tried to talk him out of going inside.

They exchanged words, and when she drove her car past the front of the salon as Smith stood at the doorway, police say he fired a shot that hit her in the head, killing her and causing her car to crash.

He tied up four salon employees and would not let them leave, telling them he was going to harm himself, but at some point he untied them and let them leave, along with his children.

They told police that as they left, they heard what sounded like a gunshot, and Smith was later found dead.

Police say the mother of the children had filed for the protection order after Smith was jailed Sunday night as the result of a domestic violence call, and that she had done the right thing by taking the children and staying somewhere else. And Connors had warned the salon employees that Smith was coming.

In a situation like this, there aren't enough answers, since authorities don't know what someone's trigger might be, and I know I don't have any.

But a gun in a domestic violence situation can and often does lead to something else, and now two people are dead.