By now, you may be aware,  today is the anniversary of my birth.  Made it to 66. Was not going to make a big deal out of it, but friends have decided it is noteworthy.

Going to tell you my wishes, before I blow out the candles. I know telling you is a violation of the "birthday rules," but feel when you get to 66, a little rule violation can add spice to  life......kind of like begging for forgiveness rather than asking permission.

My wishes are simple. Not thinking about world peace. Way beyond my sphere of influence.  I wish, expect, hope, and yes, sometimes demand, the simple things.

I wish my President and Congress would stop being children and do the work we elected them to do.

I wish people would lose their sense of entitlement. From my perspective we are not entitled to anything except the opportunity to succeed. Our country is in this financial, moral, and ethical mess because somebody has convinced us that our mere existence is proof we are entitled to(fill in the blank) Greed is everywhere. Businesses, Families, Governments, Courts, and even Churches.

I wish people who can't or aren't doing their jobs, would step aside and let others have the chance to "get `er done." (sorry Ruth)

I wish our hearts would open to the suffering in our families, neighborhoods, and with our friends.....not expecting us to be able to fix everything, or much of anything for that matter, but wish we would learn to listen more, understand more, and act more to help others around us.....

I wish people would use the turn signals in their cars.

I wish for a huge shift in our thinking...... medical costs need to be an integral part of personal  budgets,  way above cars, clothes, and the latest electronic gadget.

I wish we would understand at a very deep level, that our presence on the planet as of late has not been good for mother nature.  Our everyday lifestyle is bad...We drive everywhere. Live far away from work. Keep our homes too warm in the winter, and too cool in the summer. We complain about energy costs, but do little or nothing to change our consumption habits.....

Here is my latest and last wish on this day.  It is an easy one. Will save us money, reduce the cost of government, and save a few trees.  Our broke Uncle Sam, wants to stop making one dollar bills. They cost too much to make and don't last very long. Our dear Uncle, has dollar coins available, yet nobody wants them. They are gathering dust at Fort Knox and other places where money is stored.

A few months ago, I began getting $25 rolls of them. At first, used them for tip money. Wait staff folks gave me strange looks. I have expanded my use of them  for everyday purchases. When I get dollar bills for change of larger purchases, I put them in a secret drawer at my home(No kids, I am not telling you where)  I have begun asking for dollar coins as change. The looks I receive from that request are classic.

Since the government won't give me the authority to balance the budget, cut out waste, and trim entitlements, using dollar coins is a small thing I can do to make a difference.  So I am. I wish you would join me.